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Products We Offer

Primarily, we focus on innovative areas of the garment printing industry. Also, we have the motto of offering our products in every nook and corner of the world. Consequently, we are implementing a two tier system, which includes a local office with technical backup and the second is like-minded agents, who will be responsible to distribute the material in that specific region along with offering technical back up. Presently, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting, importing, trading and supplying of an assortment of products for textile and garment sector. A brief of our product range is as follows:

Products Manufacturing:

  • Silicone Softener
  • Silicone Resin
  • Silicon Ink etc.

Products Exporting & Importing:

  • Textile Chemicals
  • Screen Printing Ink
  • Textile Decorative & Finishing etc.

In addition, we also offer various other speciality products that are as follows:

  • Textile/Processing Chemicals
  • Textile/Dyeing Chemicals
  • Textile Processing Chemicals
  • Textile Garment Printing Chemicals With Discharge Chemicals
  • Garment Screen Printing Ink/Decorative
  • Pigment Printing Package
  • Ligno/Dispersing.

Each of these products contains various other products that are mentioned below in the table format:

Textile/Processing Chemicals

Cotton Powder (Caustic Soda Replacement)

Rasa Pera Kill 999

Megna Aa Conc (Acetic Acid Replacement)

Rasa Scour – 81

Megna Bleach (Hydrogen Peroxide Replacement)

Rasa Stab Pwn

Poly Powder (Disperse Wetting Agent)

Rasa Stain Kill RC High Conc. (Unique Oil Stain Remover )

Poly Wet Liquid (Rasa Zole -d)

Rasa Wet Scour LF

Rasa Ash Conc – 999 (Fully Soda Ash Conc Replacement)

Rasa Wetnol-555

Rasa Bio –polish-eclx (Bio-polishing Enzyme)

Rasamerc – MR

Rasa Merc

Riva Zyme Conc

Rasa Micro Lube

Water Softner - High Conc Acidic

Textile/Dyeing Chemicals

Acid Dye Levelling

Rasa Dye Fix NF Cons. Non Formaldehyde Dye Fixing Agent

Megna AA Conc

Rasa Silicone Defoamer

Rasa Reacto Wash (Polycarboxylic Compund)


Rasa Ash Conc – 999 (Fully Soda Ash Conc Replacement}

Textile Garment Printing Chemicals With Discharge Chemicals

Eco Discharge White Paste

Eco Discharge Clear

Eco Discharge Activator

Garment Screen Printing Ink/Decorative

All Colour Pearl Powder

Pearl Paste

Copper Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder,Pure Pearl Powder

Decorative Hot Stamping Foil

Pearl Powder Colours

Decorative Flock Powder

Pink Pearl Powder

Decorative PVC Cavier Beads

Pink Pearl Powder

Pigment Printing Package

Rasa Thickener Cl

Rasa Pigment Emulsions

Rasa Bind ET

Rasa Silicon Fluid

Rasa Brightner Rtk (Apeo & Npeo Free)

Rasa Fin Nano

Rasa Fix -Conc


Sodium Ligno Sulphonate (mn-1)

Rasa Dispersing Agent (b)

Calcium Lignosulphonate (mg-3)

Rasa Dispersing Powder (a)

Our New Products

We have achieved complete mastery in the field of garment printing, owing to our comprehensive technical knowledge which we have acquired with many years of experience dealing in this field. Our technical professionals provide latest information related to various points such as easy way to print, application way, activator details, effective usage and temperature applied. Owing to our rich technical knowledge and in-house research & development department, we have introduced a range of new products in the year 2010, which is as follows:

Alco Paste

Jadu Adhesive

Aqua Clear

Non PVC Elasto Clear

Dry Discharge Clear

Non PVC Elasto White

Dry Discharge White

Non PVC White

Eco Discharge Clear

Pallet Release Foil Adhesive

Eco Discharge White

Rasa Bond

Flock Adhesive

Rasa Clear

Foil & Puff Adhesive

Rasa WB 9000 Clear

Foil Adhesive

Rasa WB9000 White

High Density Clear

Rasa White

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the best quality of our Garment Screen Printing Ink/Decorative, Pigment Printing Package, Ligno/Dispersing and others, we use the best quality material. We manufacture Silicone Softener, Silicone Resin, Silicon Ink and others by using quality tested silicone oil and surfactants. All the processing procedures are supervised by a team of experts, who are fully abreast with the needs and demands of garment & apparel sector. Once manufactured, the products are tested to guarantee their finest quality. With the assistance of our quality experts, we implement various norms during the packaging and storage processes.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

We possess a state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is spread over a wide area and includes a manufacturing unit, quality testing laboratory and an in-house strong research and development. The manufacturing unit is installed with a number of machines and equipment that are very simple to operate and are highly efficient. Some of these include Triple Roll Machine, storage tanks and many other. With the assistance of these machines and equipment, we have acquired the monthly production capacity of 100 tones. AT our in-house R&D department, we show a demo to clients. We can also show to demo of our products at their premises, with the assistance of our technical personnel.

Corporate Address :

"Shri Vibhu" 9, Lajya Silk Mill Compound,
Shiv Sagar Hotel Gali, Mogra Lane,
Off. Old Nagardas Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai, India

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