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Dye All

Dye All
Dye All
Product Code : 05
Brand Name : Neutralizer
Product Description


   Acid buffer and dispersant for dyeing of polyester & polyester/cellulosic blends.



:  Clear brownish liquid.

Ionic Character

:  Anionic

Chemical Character 

 :  Blend of organic compounds.




♦  Maintains a constant pH during the dyeing process.

♦  Replaces the dispersant.

♦  Has sequestering action on heavy metals.

♦  Is Non-foaming.

♦  Is easy to handle.

♦  Is phosphate-free.




In dyeing of polyester and polyester / cellulosic blends, RASA DYEALL 54 maintains a constant pH of the dyebath in the weakly acid region with its buffering action and thus leads, to perfectly reproducible dyeings even when using pH sensitive dyes.


The additional use of acid, acid salts or special dispersants is obviated. In contrast

to volatile acids, such as acetic acid, RASA DYEALL 54 does not escape from the dye liquor, when dyeing in open bath.


RASA DYEALL 54 forms complexes with heavy metal ions and thus prevents change of shade. e.g. of copper-sensitive dyes, but does not attack metal complex dyes.



Exhaust dyeing of polyester and polyester/cellulosic blends.

Set the dyebath at 60°C with 1 to 2 ml. RASA DYEALL

              0.5 to 1% RasaWET ALK ( Wetting out Agent )


Run for 5 to 10 min. add dyestuff dispersion, run for 5 to 10 min. further and continue dyeing as usual.


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