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Imitation Brasso

Imitation Brasso
Imitation Brasso
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Product Description

Imitation Brasso

A Novel Brasso Effect Can Be Achieved With Our Innovative Printing Style Using Rasa Imitation Brasso On 100% Cotton Voiles. Brasso i.e. Burn out Style Printing Is Essentially Done On Polyester/ Cellulosic Blends Only. But Our Printing Style with Rasa Imitation Brasso Gives Similar Effect On 100% Cotton Voiles or Cambric’s.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

  • Brownish Viscous Liquid.
  • Pungent Odour.
  • Ph Of 10% Solution Is 4.0 - 4.5.
  • Cationic In Nature.
  • Shelf Life More Than Six Months.
  • Bio- Degradable.
  • Dilutable With Water to Ant Extent.
  • Rasa Imitation Brasso Is Non Toxic And Is Bio – Degradable In Nature
  • It Is Cationic In Nature, So It Is Compatible With Cationic And Non Ionic Agents.
  • Slight Dulling Of Rasa Imitation Brasso Print Takes Place.
  • Printed Part Remains Stiff, But Can Be Softened By Finishing To Some Extent.
  • The Brasso Effect Is Possible Only In Thin Or Open Weaved Fabrics Like Voiles & Cambrics.
  • Laboratory Scale Trials Are Necessary.


Fabric To Be Printed Should Be Stentered To Its Maximum Possible Width & Then Taken For Printing.

Print Paste:

Rasa Imitation Brasso 30-40 Parts

Agbv Paste 70-60 Parts

(Neutralized With a Acid)

100 Parts

Print On White or Light Reactive Dyed Cotton Voile.

Print – Dry – Preferably , Keep Overnight – - Pad Through 25% Caustic Soda Solution Give 5 Min. Dwell Time – Wash With Cold Water Till Free Of Caustic – Do Not Add Acid in Last Bath To Neutralize – Dry To Whatever Width Achieved After Caustic Treatment , As Stretching To Its Original Width Will Damage The Brasso Effect.


  • Do Not Print, Finished Or Even Definished Fabrics.
  • Do Not Allow The Screen To Dry While Printing And Wash Thoroughly After Printing.
  • If Brasso Effect Is Desired On Dyed Ground, Dye the Fabric First with Reactive dyes, Wash, Soap and Stenter to Maximum Width before Printing. The Effect Looks Good In White And Light To Medium Depth Dyed Goods.
  • Do Not Subject The Above Printed Fabric To Any Dyeing Treatment.
  • Consider The Shrinkage Factor While Evaluating Cost.
  • Shrinkage Depends On Print Coverage I.E. Shrinkage Is More with Less Print Coverage & Vice Versa.
  • Do Not Give Any Hot Alkali Treatment To The Printed Fabric.
  • Test The Compatibility Of Printing Gum With Rasa Imitation Brasso And Neutralise The Gum Paste With Acetic Acid Before Mixing Rasa Imitation Brasso With It.
  • Do Not Use Sodium Alginate Gum Paste With Rasa Imitation Brasso.

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