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Product Description


The Component Thickening Agent for Reactive Dyestuffs

Printing with Guar or White Gum Paste

  • RASALGYN: Is The Result Oriented Product For Printing And Is Highly Useful As Component Thickening Agent, Where Guar Or White Gums Are In Use For Economical Consideration. It Is A Common Experience That Such Gums Do Not Produce Bright Prints And Are Not Easily Washable And Harsh Feel Is Evident On Cotton Fabrics. Further, Such Gums Normally Have Poor Flow Properties And Consequently Produce Less Meterage In Printing.
  • RASALGYN: Thickening Paste, When Used In Small Quantity As Component Thickening Agent Will Improve An All Round Results And Produce More Meterange. It Imparts With Distinct Brightness With Good Clarity And Colouring Strength. Further, It Imparts Good Penetration And Level, Even Prints With Good Sharpness Are Achievable.
  • RASALGYN: Is Highly Suitable On Wax Coated Printing Table and Improves the Release Properties and Saves Wax Coating from Damages.


Preparation Of A Rasalgyn Stock Paste:


3.5 ~ 4 Kgs.

Rasalgyn And Disperse It Gradually


30 ~ 40 Kgs.

Hot Water (70 ~ 75‚C) Under Stirrer.


1 ~ 2 Kgs.

Pine Oil Base Penetrating Agent Cum Deformer.


40 ~ 45 Ltrs.

Water (Tap/Soft) Under Stirring. Make Up to By Volume.

100 Ltrs.

Keep Overnight To Swell.

Preparation Of The Colour Printing Paste:


15 ~ 20 Parts

Rasalgyn Paste


60 ~ 65 Parts

Guar or White Gum Paste ( Current )

X Parts

Printing Ingredients. Make Up to

100 Parts

In Volume


RASALGYN Is Highly Suitable For Silicate Process

RASALGYN: Emulsion Paste Increase Approx .By 25% In Volume against Weight Basis. Higher Content of RASALGYN Will Good Printing Result and More Meterage. RASALGYN Will Eliminate The Use Of Sodium Alginate , Generally Used In Small Quantity With Guar Or White Gum And Will Impart Good Washing Off Properties And Is Economical In Printing

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